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Green Mushroom Marketing in Chiang Mai, Thailand is the  digital marketing firm that creates explosive growth for your business.

website design

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Website Design

Having a clear and professional website design is crucial in todays marketplace. An organizations website is its most important marketing platform. The effort and experience needed to develop a comprehensive website takes years to acquire. Layout, color choice, branding, placement, keyword research, search engine optimization, hosting, maintanence, and on-going support are just a few considerations for a website project.

Green Mushroom Marketing is your digital marketing partner with the experience to develop a high quality website that creates new customers for your business. We are here to listen to your project goals and help you obtain the perfect website.

search engine optimization

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As a website is built, it is vitally important to SEO the entire website. Without SEO, you can expect your website to be at the bottom of all search engines - never to actually be seen by potential customers.

We complete "On Site" search engine optimization for every website we build. This ensures your website is in the top listings of all major search engines and your potential customers can find your site. This way, your most important marketing platform works hard for you. If your website hasn't had SEO and you need this service, we can help.

pay per click (ppc)

Buy Traffic To Your Website

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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Because website traffic is so important, it is possible to purchase advertising to drive potential customers to visit your site. Google Adwords is most popular with Bing, Facebook, and others also available. These systems are often seen as highly complex and difficult for a typical user to manage. To gain the most value, these platforms should be used in connection with Google Analytics. Any healthy marketing strategy would include SEO along with pay per click advertising developed with a comprehensive mindset.

Green Mushroom Marketing is ready to help you with a PPC campaign to set your website traffic on fire. Loads of website traffic equals more customers in your business. Green Mushroom will develop customized PPC advertising to drive new customer acquisition resulting in explosive growth for your organization.

social media marketing (SMM)

Build Your Community

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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media has become the modern day gathering place of most people. It's a platform to share ideas, thoughts, recommendations, information, and just about anything. Social media is how people find things out and share what they are doing. It's a perfect place to advertise to draw people to your business. If you aren't on social media and advertising properly, you can be easily over taken by your competition.

Social media marketing takes time and experience to be conducted properly. A comprehensive marketing strategy needs to be built and followed to leverage "the most" from this platform. Green Mushroom can assist your business in understanding how to best implement social media marketing.

logo design and branding

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Logo Design / Branding

Brand development and brand management contributes to the way customers see your product or service. It is vitally important that your brand and logo is established with concepts that clearly identify and differentiate your business. A properly designed logo can help you stand out from your competition.

We have designed 100's of logos for our clients. Each logo is carefully developed with the clients goals in mind. We typically present countless logo designs to spur ideas, thoughts, and discussion as we narrow down on your exact identity. Green Mushroom can assit you to discover your new logo.

video production

Clearly Communicate Your Message

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Video Production

Video has become the leading content provided on the internet. By 2019, video is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic. Businesses can use stock video or create custom videos that communicates a point or educates potential customers. Video can be integrated into your current or new website design.

Green Mushroom is a full service digital marketing company with the ablility to produce high quality video content or use existing stock videos for your internet marketing. We can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using video production and help you implement the best approach for your organization.

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