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What is Video Production?

The internet consists of a multitude of content. It is the challenge of business to continually find ways to engage, educate, and retain users on thier websites. Video is expected to account for 80% of all website content provided by 2019. Video is a crucial element to a successful website design.

Purpose of Video

Video provides an opportunity to educate or entertain users of a website. It helps to capture and retain the users attention. Video provides a tool to assist businesses in further the buying decision of its website vistors. It is almost expected that websites will have video as part of a comprehensive website design.

I want a Video?

Video can be integrated into any website design. There are certain techniques required to ensure it is scale down to mobile devices and placement of video within the overall website design is important. Green Mushroom can help you decide to use unique or stock video for your website.

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Video ProductionVideo Production

Video Production

Video has quickly dominated internet content in the modern era. Having quality video content on your website, and other marketing platforms, is crucial. It is expect that by 2019, 80% of all website content will be video.

To leverage video content it must be decided to either use stock video (pre-made video) or unique video (custom-made video).

Green Mushroom has the ability to assist you in making this choice weighing the pros and cons. If you decide to use stock video, we will assist you in finding the video that will work best for your website and other marketing platforms. If you'd like to use custom content, we will assist you in creating quality video unique to your business and purpose. Video is an important media expected by vistors to your website and it should be factored into any successful website design.

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