Pay Per Click

What is PPC?

PPC provides an opportunity to "bid" on keywords. Using a defined budget, we can setup Google Adwords to show a listing for your website that attracts high volumes and high quality website traffic. Google has many partners so your PPC advertisements can be spread throughout the internet quickly. PPC is an excellent option to jump start visability of your website where organic SEO takes time to develop favorability.

Purpose of PPC

PPC has the same goal as SEO, to get your website seen at the top of the search engine results. The difference is that PPC is a paid advertisement that only gets paid if a user actually clicks on the ad to visit your site. So, you only pay if the advertisement works to get traffic to your site. PPC works instantly where organic SEO takes time for the search engines to show favorability.

I want PPC?

There is a lot of flexiblity with PPC. A budget can be defined based on the activity the business seeks. Setting up and managing PPC campaigns require a unique skill set and can be quite complex. Green Mushroom can make it easy to setup, manage, and maintain PPC with 100% taken care of by us. This way you know the experts are getting the most benefit for your business.

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Organic vs. PPC

The goal of both organic search and PPC is the same, to get more and better quality traffic to your website. Organic (SEO) takes time to develop and you do not pay anything to the search engines. You would hire Green Mushroom to optimize your website, then manage and maintain your search rankings.

Pay per click (PPC) would list your website at the top of the page in a highly visable location immediately. A budget would need to be allocated to sponser the campaigns. Again, Green Mushroom can setup, manage, and maintain this for you - mostly using Google Adwords.

A good search engine marketing strategy would emcompass both SEO and PPC to ensure your business is fully utilizing the internets ability to bring you more business. Discussing your specific business and how we can best help you is important. Both SEO and PPC are highly customized and require experienced professionals to assist you.

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